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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fisheye for the Philadelphia Eagles Football Guy

Well the last ten days have been breathtaking to say the least.  

As a diehard fan, I live and breathe eagles football.  

With the NFL Sunday Ticket I have not missed an Eagles game since 1994.  

I have seen the eagle lose live in Tampa Bay and Jacksonville (McNabb puked), win in Miami, had season tickets in the 70s at the Vet, visited the Linc, but no live games yet :(.  

I have collected lots of memorabilia over the years and the 4th bedroom is painted white and midnight green.  

My jersey collection includes a McNabb in White, a Dawkins in black, a green Jackson and Foles (gasp, a Christmas present 2014) and a McCoy, all gone.  

Colin Cowherd summed it up, "Sorry Philadelphia fans. They got rid of a couple of guys whose jerseys you owned. You’re 46. Stop wearing jerseys meatball. That’s a you problem.”  

Well in the spirit of same, here are some fisheye shots of the memorabilia....

My Chuck Bednarik autographed poster.  
Taken 9 days before I was born, with the memorable quote, "This f**king game is over!’”

My AJ Feeley autographed picture, sent to the Dolphins for a 
2nd round pick (Reggie Brown).  They was fleeced!

Eight great Eagles in Cards!
Ron Jaworski; Wilbur Montgomery, Bill Bergey; Randall Cunningham
Brian Dawkins; Donovan McNabb, Chuck Benarik and Harold Carmichael

Autographed Brian Westbrook  
Despite one year in San Fran, he retired as an Eagle in 2012

The Eagles Wall.  includes a Lito Sheppard autographed picture
and a 2004 NFC Championship picture with McNabb, Freddie, T.O., Akers, Corey Simon;
Westbrook; Dawk and Jeavon Kearse

McNabb White Jersey

Nick Foles, never worn....., not even to church on Sunday

Brian Dawkins jersey, left the Eagles in 2009, retired as an Eagle in 2012

DeSean Jackson jersey, cut by Chip in 2014.  
Still the Miracle at the Meadowlands II is a fond memory

LeSean McCoy, just traded to the Bills.
His game against the Lions is one for the ages.

Rocky the Wonder Pom in his Double 00 Eagles Jersey.

Old School Eagles throw pillow

Dishing it out since 1933 poster

2010 Eagles pre-season poster featuring
Kevin Kolb; DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, 
Jeremy Maclin and the only remaining Eagle, Brent Celek 

Eagles garbage can

Eagles Snuggie

Took two shots after the Cardinal and San Fran losses!

Beer and football with an Eagles Koozie

For fancy fans who won't drink beer out of a bottle

Christmas Stocking

Not Fisheye but some Eagles photos I have shot over the years

My Son at the NFL Experience circa 1998 with a Cunningham Jersey

McNabb not puking in Jacksonville

Akers kicking a field goal

Eagles at the Miami Dolphins

Yours truly

Eagles at Tampa Bay, after trailing all day we scored 21 to win....
then they let Matt Bryant hit a 62 yard field goal to win.

My wonderful son in a Eagles Hoodie

Cheeca the wonder pom in her Westbrook Jersey

More Eagles Christmas garb

My son tackling Cunningham (or some random guy in a Cunningham Jersey)

The Linc

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