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Sunday, January 13, 2013

PBC Classic car Show at Schumacher Chevrolet

The Palm Beach County Classic Car Club presented a Classic 50 and 60s car show at Schumacher Chevrolet in North Palm Beach on Saturday January 13th.  
The weather was warm and sunny and the attendance was strong.  
Lots of nice cars came out, but due to space limitations, the number of cars was limited. 
The nicest was a beautiful 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible in all red. 
Rocky and I had a great time at the show which featured music and two Dolphin Cheerleaders.

Brand New Vette Convertible

New Camaro RS

Cadillac, the King of Cars

Ford Fairlane 500

Rocky's Tail and a Ducati Bike!

1991 Jaguar

Lincoln Continental Mark II

Event Flyer


  1. That Chevy Corvette is without a doubt a magnificent piece! You can really see it stand out with its shiny lights and bumper! Also, the interior looks cool -- really cool! How I wish I could ride on that car. I’d really be happy if I get to touch its super hot steering wheels and comfy seats. ^^,

  2. These are lovely cars! I love the fact that car enthusiasts are organizing events like this to promote classic cars since they allow the new generation of car lovers to see how splendid cars looked before and how beautiful they are still, even though years had already passed.

    Ashely Redden

  3. I always get a kick out of these fish eye photos. It's especially eye popping seeing these classic cars from a whole different perspective. My favorite of the group is definitely that brand new Corvette convertible, although the Fairlane is a pretty classic slice of car culture Americana as well. I can't decide, I want them both!